Tribe Lacrosse is a recreational and club lacrosse program for boys and girls in the eastern Los Angeles, San Gabriel and San Fernando Valley. We are growing the game of lacrosse through H3 - honor hustle and humility.


How to Play

A Lacrosse Primer

Field lacrosse is typically played on a field with 10 players per team using lacrosse sticks and a small, hard rubber ball. Teams consist of a goalie and three each of offensive, midfield (“midi”), and defensive players. Teams attempt to score points by shooting the ball into a 6’x6’ goal, with one point gained per goal. Play starts with a “faceoff,” and after that, each team must have a minimum of 4 players on each half of the field at any given time. Players pass and catch the ball using their sticks. They are allowed to kick the ball but cannot pin the ball or touch it with their hands. Games usually consist of four quarters, sometimes halves, depending on the age and league.

The level of contact varies with gender and age, and there are age-dependent rules about the type and force of contact. Violations to these rules result in temporary removal from the game (resulting in a “man down” situation), with multiple individual penalties leading to expulsion. Contact to the head is not allowed. High school boys’ lacrosse is a full contact sport, although rules around the type and force of contact still apply. 

Youth Lacrosse Rules

The National Federation of State High School Associations Lacrosse Rules Book govern US Lacrosse youth play. The overarching principle is as follows: The game is to be played with emphasis on the proper development of individual stick skills, team play, player safety, and sportsmanship.

For the full list of updated age eligibility criteria and rules, please visit the US Lacrosse Boys' Lacrosse Rules and Girls' Lacrosse Rules pages